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The Twelve Minor Prophets Obadiah: One and Done

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Obadiah: One and Done

  • Obadiah means “Servant of Yah,” and early rabbinical commentators asserted that Obadiah had a job as a servant. Whoa, that’s deep.
  • There’s a prophet named Obadiah in 1 Kings 18. Same guy? Coincidence? Commentators disagree. Some say yea. Others note that the Obadiah in 1 Kings would not have written about the Babylonian capture of Jerusalem as an event in the past, since that Obadiah lived three hundred years earlier.
  • The book of Obadiah consists of just one chapter, but don’t let that fool you. These twenty-one verses are some of the most …
  • Um …
  • Uh ...
  • Actually, go ahead and let it fool you.

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