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The Twelve Minor Prophets Zechariah Chapters 7-8

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Zechariah Chapters 7-8

Not So Fast

  • The people have been trying to keep up their rituals while in exile and ask the priests if they should still practice fasting and mourning during a certain day of observance in the fifth month. (This might be referring to the fast in commemoration of the destruction of the Temple.)
  • God asks them if all this fasting has really done them any good, since it wasn’t done from the heart.
  • What he really wants is for them to be just and compassionate with one another. Because of all their empty sacrifices, he’d scattered them in other nations.
  • But now God reassures them he’s back in Jerusalem for good.
  • He recalls the time when Jerusalem was so filled with evil that you couldn’t go outside without getting mugged.
  • But now, things will be peaceful and prosperous. Lots of figs!
  • All the people have to do is speak the truth and act justly. Is that too much to ask?
  • All the fast days will turn to days of joy.
  • Jerusalem will become a hot tourist destination, and anytime a gentile sees a Jew, he’ll grab him by the cloak and ask to go to Jerusalem.
  • People of all nations will want to go there to seek out God.

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