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The Twelve Minor Prophets Zephaniah Chapter 3

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Zephaniah Chapter 3

The Gathering

  • But back to Judah: Just in case their temple worship leaves the people feeling smug about their chances, Zephaniah interrupts their self-congratulation to lay down the hard truth. “Yo, Judah, I’ma let you finish, but only the truly righteous are going to be here for all time.”
  • God thought that all the destruction he wreaked on the nations might have made Judah sit up and take notice, but they continued in their corruption.
  • But on the day when God pours out his anger, he’ll take out the vain and purify the people so that whoever remains will be humble and truthful.
  • The nation should rejoice because God has destroyed all her enemies. She now has nothing to be afraid of.
  • God will rejoice, too.
  • Zephaniah ends by underscoring the value of humility, honesty and fair dealing. The faithful of Israel will be famous among all the nations on earth.
  • In the nice part of the coming day of the Lord, God’s people return home from exile, he gives them a crown and all the runners-up applaud as the music swells. “There she is, Miss Jerusalem …”

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