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Lamentations What's Up With the Title?

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What's Up With the Title?

In most English versions of the Bible, this book is just called Lamentations. This is the most accurate content description ever. When you lament it means that you're grieving, mourning, or expressing a whole bunch of sorrow. Ta-da: Lamentations.

The Hebrew title has a much different meaning though. In the Tanakh, which is the Jewish Bible, the book is called Eikhah, which means "how" and also happens to be the first word of the first chapter. It would be more accurate to write the title of the book as "Eikhah!!??" because it probably means something more along the lines of "How could this happen?!" Scholars think that the ancient scribes working on this book considered adding the subtitle "Seriously, God?! Are You Kidding Us With This Stuff??" but then took it out at the last minute.

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