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Gospel of Luke Chapter 15:25-35

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Chapter 15:25-35

Job Description for a Disciple of Jesus

  • A large crowd is traveling with Jesus, when he posts a job description for being his disciple.
  • You don't need a college degree. You only need to be able to devote your all to Jesus.
  • This means hating your family. Fathers, mothers, wife, children, brothers, sisters—you will have to squash your bond with them in order to solidify your friendship with Jesus.
  • While you're at it, you might as well be prepared to devalue your life as well.
  • Potential disciples have to make sure they're up for following Jesus.
  • No one commits to building a tower without first calculating the expenses and making a responsible budget, right? Otherwise, he'll lay the foundation and then stop. Everyone will laugh at the half-finished building, which will be a cause for shame.
  • It's also like a king who doesn't go to war with another king without first making sure his army's big enough. If the army's too small, he'll send an embassy to the other king and seek to draw up a peace-treaty.
  • So the big qualification for the job of disciple is that you be willing to say adios to everything you own.
  • These requirements are like the saltiness of salt. Salt that loses saltiness is useless, and so are you if you don't meet these basic requirements.
  • Got ears? Use 'em.

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