Chapter 16:16-18

The Law and Divorce

  • Time for the LSAT. Jesus confirms the validity of the Jewish law and prophets as they are found in the Hebrew Bible.
  • Their authority has persisted for many years, "until John" (16:16).
  • Since John came on the scene, a new message of comparable authority is making its way among mortals. It is a message about God's kingdom.
  • Everyone is trying to enter God's kingdom "by force" (16:16). Um, what?
  • But the Jewish law is still valid despite these important developments. In fact, heaven and earth will no longer exist before any of these laws lose their authority. That's another way of saying forever
  • Now let's get specific. A husband and wife may be physically separated by divorce. But remarriage is not an option. It's tantamount to adultery. The assumption is that the initial bond of marriage is permanent. You know, 'til death do us part.

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