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Gospel of Luke Chapter 24:1-12

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Chapter 24:1-12

The Empty Tomb

  • On the first day of the week at the first crack of dawn, the women head to the tomb with everything they need to prepare Jesus's body for burial.
  • But when they get there, they discover that the stone's already been rolled away from the tomb's entrance and Jesus's body is nowhere to be found.
  • Um. Grave robber?
  • While they're puzzling this out, two men are standing next to them wearing robes that flash forth lightning bolts.
  • The women are freaked. Obviously.
  • Then the beans are officially spilled: Jesus has been raised.
  • They remind them what Jesus had foretold as far back as his days in Galilee. You all should jog your own memories, too: 9:22, 44; 17:25; and 18:32-33.
  • He said way back then that sinners were going to get a hold of him and crucify him, but that on the third day he would rise.
    Oh, yeah. Now they remember.
  • The women—Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary (who was James's mom), and some others—leave the tomb and report their findings to the eleven disciples (sans Judas) and some other interested parties.
  • Surprise, surprise—they don't believe them. Peter alone gets up and runs to the tomb. And sure enough, he sees it with his own two eyes.

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