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Gospel of Luke Chapter 24:13-35

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Chapter 24:13-35

A Jesus-Sighting on the Road to Emmaus

  • On the same day, two of Jesus's followers are traveling to Emmaus when Jesus joins the party.
  • They're blocked from recognizing that it's Jesus, so he just super casually asks what they're talking about.
  • What? He must be the only person in Jerusalem who doesn't know what happened. You know, to Jesus of Nazareth. The guy was an incredibly powerful prophet, and Jerusalem's highbrows handed him over for execution.
  • These followers say that their hope was that he was about to bring redemption to Israel. Now three days have passed, and some women are telling them that his body was missing from his tomb, where angels appeared to them telling them that he's living.
  • A few people—including these guys—went over to the tomb and saw for themselves that his body wasn't there.
  • Duh, says Jesus. The prophets foretold all of this. Way back in the wayback days, they wrote about the Messiah's suffering and subsequent entry into glory.
  • Jesus proceeds to interpret the laws of Moses and the writings of the prophets for them in order to demonstrate what these authoritative texts have to say about himself.
  • While the gang is reclining for dinner, Jesus takes the bread, blesses, breaks, and distributes it. These are familiar actions and it opens the followers' eyes. Cleopas and his companion recognize that it's none other than Jesus.
  • Too late! Jesus disappears.
  • They return to Jerusalem, where word on the street is that Jesus was resurrected—now, he had appeared to Simon, too.

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