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Gospel of Luke Chapter 6:12-49

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Chapter 6:12-49

The Sermon on the Plain

  • Jesus ascends a mountain where he spends a whole night in prayer to God.
  • At daybreak, he summons his disciples and chooses twelve of them to receive the title of "apostle" (6:13).
  • Luke lists their names. Pay attention to Simon—he's also called Peter, a name that means "rock" in Greek. Oh, and you'll probably notice that Judas Iscariot is the one who's going to later break Jesus's trust. Talk about a spoiler.
  • Now Jesus gets busy in the flatlands, where a huge swarm of students along with gobs of people from Judea, Jerusalem, and the coastal cities of Tyre and Sidon gather to hear what he has to say and get access to his powers of healing.
  • Jesus heals tons of people tormented by unclean spirits and the sick. There's no doubt that he's living up to his campaign promises in 4:18-19.
  • Jesus lifts his eyes to his disciples, suggesting that what he's about to say applies directly to them.
  • Ready? Go.
  • Actually—this one's too good. We're going to make you go read it yourself.

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