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Gospel of Luke Chapter 8:40-56

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Chapter 8:40-56

Two Miracle Stories For The Price Of One

  • When Jesus returns, he finds the crowd awaiting him expectantly, and a man named Jairus comes on over.
  • Jairus has a position of some authority in town as the chief of a synagogue, but he's willing to fall to Jesus's feet.
  • Jairus requests assistance on behalf of his only twelve-year-old daughter, who's knocking at death's door.
  • As Jesus makes his way to Jairus's home, the crowds press in on him tightly. We're talking ancient paparazzi.
  • In the crowd, there happens to be a woman who's been suffering from hemorrhages for twelve years. Ouch.
  • The narrator underlines the difficulty of her problem: She's spent all of her money on doctors, and none have had success in curing her.
  • Approaching Jesus from behind, she touches the edge of his shirt, and immediately the blood stops flowing. Yep, one touch and she's healed.
  • Jesus asks, "Who touched me?" (8:45 NRSV).
  • Uh oh.
  • Everyone is denying it, and Peter speaks up to point out that the crowd is so thick that it could have been anyone.
  • But Jesus wants to know. He's talking about one touch in particular that's zapped his healing powers.
  • Realizing she's caught, the woman comes forward, trembling as she falls before Jesus and explains why she did it and how she was cured.
  • We're kind of expecting a scary Oliver Twist moment, but Jesus puts her at ease: "Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace" (8:48).
  • In mid-sentence, a messenger comes for Jairus reporting that his daughter is dead.
  • But Jesus responds, "Do not fear. Only believe, and she will be saved" (8:50).
  • Arriving at the house, Jesus allows only Peter, John, and James to enter with him along with the girl's parents.
  • Everyone's weeping and mourning for her, but Jesus tells them, "Do not weep; for she is not dead but sleeping" (8:52).
  • Their tears turn to laughter at this claim, which seems ridiculous—the girl is clearly dead. What is this, Buffy?
  • Jesus takes her hand: "Child, get up!" (8:54).
  • And voilĂ , the girl's spirit returns, and she rises at once.
  • Jesus orders that she be given some food. Getting resurrected makes a girl hungry.
  • Oh, and one other thing. They shouldn't tell anyone about this.

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