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Gospel of Luke Chapter 9:1-11

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Chapter 9:1-11

The Twelve Get Homework

  • Jesus summons the twelve disciples and gives them a nice little gift: the power to exorcize demons and heal illness. And they're going on a trip to spread the love.
  • Sweet deal.
  • Oh, except there are a few rules: no staff, bag, bread, or money are allowed, and they can't pack two coats. What is this, airport security?
  • Jesus instructs them to choose one house and stay there until they leave.
  • If a town doesn't welcome them, they're supposed to shake the dust off of their feet as they leave.
  • The twelve guys go throughout the villages proclaiming good news and offering healings everywhere.
  • Meanwhile, news of all of this reaches Herod the tetrarch. He is at a loss because people are saying that Jesus is John returned from the dead.
  • Evidently, he's died since the last time we heard of him in 7:18-19.
  • Moment of silence.
  • Others are identifying Jesus as Elijah—who's supposed to return according to Malachi 4:5-6—or another of the ancient prophets returned from the dead.
  • Herod reasons that Jesus is not John—after all, Herod was the one who beheaded him. He wants to see Jesus for himself before he decides his opinion once and for all.
  • The twelve return to Jesus and report everything that went down.
  • Jesus withdraws with them to Bethsaida on the sly, but the crowds are on to them and follow along.
  • Jesus welcomes their company, instructs them about God's kingdom, and heals those who are in need.

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