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Gospel of Luke Poverty

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Luke's Jesus is a passionate advocate on behalf of the poor, and he's convinced that God is on their side. He also tells his disciples to get their butts busy meeting the needs of the people who don't have anything. This guy isn't talking about puny acts of charity that leave your own comforts and securities totally intact. No, these are big, life-altering efforts on behalf of the poor, like selling all your possessions. That's what people are chattering about when they speak of Luke's monumental humanity (check out more in "Why Should I Care?").

Questions About Poverty

  1. What exactly is God's role in reducing the rate of poverty?
  2. What are people who are relatively well-off supposed to do in the face of the poverty-challenge?
  3. Is there any demand placed on the poor themselves in Luke's gospel? How are they supposed to help themselves?
  4. Can you think of examples of contemporary initiatives on behalf of the poor that live up to the high bar set by Luke? Can you think of examples that fall short?
  5. Which poverty-problems are absent from Luke's view? How can his analysis and the solutions he offers be improved upon?

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