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Gospel of Mark Chapter 16:1-8

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Chapter 16:1-8

The Empty Tomb

  • After the Sabbath, the two Marys and Salome arrive at the tomb in order to anoint Jesus for burial.
  • As they proceed to the tomb during the wee hours of the morning, they are all wondering who will help them roll the stone away from the tomb's door.
  • When they get there, they realize that the stone has already been removed.
  • Entering the tomb, they're surprised when they meet a youth donning white, which seems to be in style among the supernatural elite (also, in 9:3). 
  • The youth tries to subdue their alarm.
  • He informs them that Jesus of Nazareth, who had just been crucified, has gotten up and is no longer here.
  • For proof, he points to the very place Joseph had placed him.
  • Then he instructs the women to tell the disciples that Jesus is going on before them to Galilee, and they will see him there (remember the prophecy of 14:28).
  • The women run from the tomb, trembling out of their minds. They're so scared that they don't tell anyone anything at all.
  • In several important manuscripts, including one known as Sinaiticus, the Gospel of Mark ends here. Several (but not all) pretty smart people who've spent years studying this will argue until they're blue in the face that Mark really did end the gospel here. For more about this, click your way to "What's up with the ending?"

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