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Gospel of Mark Chapter 16:8-9

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Chapter 16:8-9

An Additional "Short Ending" In-between

  • A few manuscripts of the Gospel of Mark insert two sentences in-between 16:8 and 16:9. They are known as the so-called "Short Ending" of Mark. Check them out. Some of your translations might make note.
  • Here the narrator basically reverses 16:8, reporting that the women eventually come around and do inform Peter and his companions of everything that the youth had commanded.
  • Then Jesus himself comes on the scene and commissions them to spread "the holy and incorruptible proclamation of eternal salvation" throughout the whole world. 
  • By the way, all the manuscripts that record these two sentences go on to record 16:9-20 as well, except for one, which ends the gospel here, with the "Short Ending."

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