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Gospel of Mark Humility

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Say you're looking for the job of your dreams when you come across this ad for an open position: "You want to suffer? Is your idea of success coming in last place and serving others? Then this is the job for you, where you'll learn about humility, tragedy, more!"

You probably wouldn't submit an application, right?

Well, this is pretty much what Jesus promises his own disciples, who will embrace a life of servanthood, suffering, and coming in last place. That means there's no chance for a promotion. What are we supposed to do with this?

Questions About Humility

  1. Why do the disciples have such a hard time understanding Jesus's concept of a discipleship of servitude and humility?
  2. Who are examples for followers to imitate and to avoid? 
  3. Is humility a hard quality to possess? In the time of Jesus? In our own age?

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