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Gospel of Mark Revenge

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Don't make Jesus mad. Yes, he asserts that the second-most important command is to love your neighbor as yourself (12:33). Yes, he urges his disciples to be forgiving while they pray (11:25). But Jesus is no pushover. He cares about justice and very clearly foresees a time when, well, vengeance will be his.

In Mark's gospel, Jesus will seek his revenge mostly on Judas and the Jewish leaders. That's right—this nice teacher of love and forgiveness makes it very clear that in the end, he's going to get even for what they did to him.

Questions About Revenge

  1. What form will Jesus's revenge against Judas and Jewish leaders take? Why does he choose this form of revenge?
  2. When will Jesus get his revenge? Why not just do it right away? 
  3. Is Jesus justified in his desire for revenge? What principles is he using to back it up?

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