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Gospel of Matthew Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Jesus, John, and Some Sinful Cities

  • Word travels fast and news of all of Jesus's activities makes its way to John the Baptist—who, by the way, is still in prison. 
  • John sends his own disciples to ask Jesus if he is The One. Jesus's answer: "Uh, DUH!" (Not a direct quote.)
  • Then Jesus starts preaching about John the Baptist. Well, more like singing his praises. Jesus calls John "more than a prophet" (11:9) and compares their generation to children who don't dance when music is playing or don't mourn when there is wailing. 
  • Jesus also has no sympathy for the towns that don't repent. He cites ruined cities of the Hebrew Bible and how they could have been saved. But wait! Jesus then goes on to say that those same cities will fare better than those who denounce him now. Yowza.
  • And Jesus is pretty selective with this message. Apparently, these things are only revealed to infants and not wise men. Hmmm.

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