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Gospel of Matthew Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

What the Deal With Sin?

  • Jesus starts preaching to his disciples again. This time, he tackles a tough question: who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? Answer: those who are humble like children.
  • Turns out it's better to drown in the sea than to cause a child to sin. In fact, whatever causes you to sin should be cut off. Hey, it's better than burning in the eternal fires of hell.
  • This leads right into the parable of the lost sheep.
  • Jesus then tells his disciples that when someone sins against them, they should bring it to the attention of the offender. If he doesn't listen, then bring it to the church. And if the church doesn't listen, treat him like a Gentile or tax collector. Okay, then.
  • Peter asks how many times he should forgive another person. Jesus answers with 70 x 7.
  • Translation: always.
  • Now's a good time for a parable about forgiveness. How about the unforgiving servant? We just love that one.

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