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Gospel of Matthew Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

And He's Back

  • Mary Magdalene and "the other Mary" head over to the tomb. 
  • And as it turns out, sealing the tomb doesn't do much. An earthquake and angel can open that bad boy right back up again. 
  • The guard becomes paralyzed with fear so he's basically rendered useless.
  • The two Marys are greeted by an angel who says that Jesus has already been raised and that they should go tell the other disciples.
  • Guess who they meet on their way to do just that? Why, none other than Jesus Raised-From-the-Dead Christ. Naturally they're ecstatic, and Jesus sends them off to tell the others in Galilee.
  • The guards tell the chief priests about what went down. It goes without saying that they are less than pleased. 
  • The chief priests' new plan is to bribe the guards into claiming that Jesus's body was stolen in the night. And that's the story they start spreading around.
  • Resurrected Jesus gets to Galilee and meets up with the remaining eleven disciples. For his final instructions, Jesus tells his friends to "make disciples of all nations" (28:19-20). Oh, and he'll always be with them.

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