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The Pastoral Epistles (1-2 Timothy, Titus) 1 Timothy: Chapter 4

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1 Timothy: Chapter 4

Haters Gonna Hate

  • Paul explains that it's totally normal for opposition to start bubbling over when the world is about the end. The last days will make people a little antsy.
  • There are people out there right now who are basically following demons and are hypocrites and liars. (Spoiler alert: these are Paul's opponents.)
  • They tell people not to get married and not to eat certain foods (hello, bacon!).
  • Paul believes that everything God created is good. That means marriage and any kind of food.
  • Paul reminds Timothy to pass all his teachings along to keep the people on the righteous path to Heaventown.
  • They should stay away from a faith that's based on urban legends and old wives' tales. Check to figure out the difference.
  • Be Godly and fight the good fight because that's what God wants, says Paul.
  • Oh, and Timothy shouldn't let anyone brush him aside just because he's young. As long as he's acting like a stand-up guy, he'll command their respect.
  • When Paul gets into town, he'll help, but until then, it's all up to Timothy to hold down the fort. Good luck, dude.

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