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The Pastoral Epistles (1-2 Timothy, Titus) 1 Timothy: Chapter 6

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1 Timothy: Chapter 6

We Shall Overcome…But Not Yet

  • Now, who hasn't Paul dished out any advice to yet? How about slaves?
  • If you're a slave, what should you do? Just "regard [your] master as worthy of all honor" and God will be happy.
  • If your master isn't Christian, just be on your best behavior so you won't reflect poorly on the rest of the group.
  • But if you and your master happen to both be Christian, don't think that means you can expect to be treated like a human being rather than a piece of property.
  • In fact, it just means you should slave-away even more because you're serving a fellow Christian. Um, okay…
  • If you disagree with this, then that means you disagree with Jesus. You're also a big, arrogant, liar, who just loves to argue about things. Take note, abolitionists.
  • But if you want to live a Godly life, you'll be happy with what you have.
  • Don't go chasing after money and fancy cars, because bad things will follow.
  • Keep focused on fighting the good fight for Jesus and all will be well. Remember how he kept he faith and told Pilate what was what? Well, that's how faithful Christians should be.
  • If anyone is super wealthy right now, they should make a special effort to keep their focus on God. They need to try to get a hold of "real riches." In other words, be Godly and not a jerk.
  • In closing, Paul tells Timothy to pass on all this good stuff and to help lead people back to the straight and narrow path and away from those naysayers who don't have any clue what they're talking about anyhow.
  • Burn.

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