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The Pastoral Epistles (1-2 Timothy, Titus) 2 Timothy: Chapter 4

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2 Timothy: Chapter 4

Paul Is Dead… Almost

  • Paul finishes off by reminding Timothy to keep going and telling people about Jesus.
  • He worries that, someday, people won't be satisfied with teachings from such an authoritative source. They're just gonna go running around trying to find a preacher who agrees with their point of view. Yeah, probably.
  • Paul's passing this all on because he's about to die. He's in prison in Rome and he knows they'll end up putting him to death. God won't spring him from the Big House this time.
  • But it's fine because Paul has fought the good fight. He's made it to the finish line, and now he's ready to get that medal slung around his neck.
  • Paul asks Timothy to come see him soon. It seems everyone else has left him there in Rome. He's also missing his cloak and some books.
  • But even though not everyone stood by him during this last stint in prison, Paul hopes God won't hold it against them.
  • God may have saved him before, but Paul knows that now he's at the end of the road. It was a good ride.
  • He closes the letter by asking Timothy to say hi to some friends in other churches and to come visit soon. Until then, Paul will be waiting.
  • Sniff.

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