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The Pastoral Epistles (1-2 Timothy, Titus) Titus: Chapter 2

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Titus: Chapter 2

Traditional Gender Roles 101

  • Paul lays out some more advice that Titus should start handing out there in Crete.
  • Every man should be on his best behavior. Doing things in moderation, acting serious, and basically just being a rock for the community. Oh, and don't leave the toilet seat up.
  • Women also need to keep things on the up and up. They should stay away from spreading gossip and lies and drinking too much. Yeah, the Sex in the City ladies are in trouble.
  • The older ladies need to set an example for younger women, encouraging these gals to love their husbands and kids, control their crazy female emotions, take care of the house, and, of course, submit to their husbands. Duh.
  • If women don't do all this, non-Christians are really gonna turn a stink eye toward believers. So keep it on the up and up, girls.
  • Young men shouldn't run around acting all crazy either. These guys might be better off not venturing outside of the house.
  • Slaves, also, should obey their masters. Don't talk back, don't steal, and just be super faithful to the person who owns you. It's what God wants, says Paul.
  • This is why God sent Jesus, Paul continues. One day, Jesus will come back and see how awesome the Christians have been doing and reward them. Until then, people just have to keep living Godly lives.

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