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The Pastoral Epistles (1-2 Timothy, Titus) Lies & Deceit

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Lies & Deceit

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, right? Well, when it comes to believing in Jesus, the Pastor most definitely does not see it that way. There's the truth and then there are big fat lies. The Pastor is totally enraged by any of his opponents who are teaching something different from him. They're not just wrong—they're liars and deceivers who are conspiring with Satan to bring down people of faith.

Questions About Lies & Deceit

  1. Sorting out truth from lies is tough work. How does the Pastor do it?
  2. Does the Pastor really think Satan and demons are responsible for all the deceit he sees going on? Why would he jump to this conclusion?
  3. How do you think the Pastor's opponents see themselves? Do they think the Pastor is the one spreading lies?

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