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Proverbs Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Just Call Sol'

  • This next set of proverbs is introduced as sayings of King Solomon.
  • Wise children bring joy to their parents, but foolish children cause them grief.
  • Even if wickedness gains you treasures, it won't benefit you—but righteousness saves you from death. God feeds righteous people, but lets wicked people starve.
  • A lazy hand leads to poverty, but a busy hand makes you rich—and in the same way, this is true for a child who gathers crops, and one who sleeps during the harvest. Basically, laziness is bad, but being industrious is good.
  • The righteous receive further blessings, but the wicked ultimately are remembered for their evils.
  • Babbling fools are ruined in time, people who wink cause trouble, but people who know how to offer a proper rebuke can help make peace.
  • The wise say things that cause peace, the wicked say things that cause violence. Love helps end strife, rather than stirring it up more.
  • Wealth helps people protect their interests, but poverty leaves you in ruin.

Fools R' Us 

  • Being able to take a rebuke is a part of growing wise.
  • Lies and slander mask inner hatred or foolishness.
  • Using too many words means transgression is at hand—prudent people restrain their speech.
  • A righteous person's tongue is like silver, but a fool's mind is worthless—the words of a righteous person are like food for the masses.
  • Also, God's blessings are not mixed with sorrow.
  • Doing wrong is like sport to a fool, but doing right is also a pleasurable pastime to wise people.
  • The wicked people will need to face their worst fears, but the righteous will find their desires satisfied.
  • The righteous endure all temporary calamities, but the wicked are washed away. Additionally, lazy people hurt their employers.
  • At the end the author goes through some of the major points: the righteous will be rewarded and satisfied and have long lives, but the wicked… won't. The words of righteous people cause wisdom and goodness to thrive, but the opposite is true for the wicked.

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