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Proverbs Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Be Dissed and Grow Wiser

  • This chapter continues praising righteousness and handing out smackdowns to wickedness.
  • The wise and righteous don't mind and actually benefit from being rebuked, but the wicked don't—for one thing.
  • This chapter continues to recapitulate earlier points—being good pays, and being bad doesn't, basically.
  • The author praises good wives, disses bad wives; hates on wicked speech, loves good speech; celebrates good sense, hates on bad sense.

Ancient Humane Society

  • On a darker note, the author says that it's better to be disliked and at least have a servant, than to try to do everything yourself and go hungry.
  • The author says that kindness to animals is a good trait, attacks worthless pursuits and coveting wickedly gained goods, and praises the words of the righteous (yet once more).
  • Fools get hung up on insults, and only stick with whatever they want to do.
  • Repeating the same important points again, the author says that the wise speak words of healing, whereas the wicked and liars cause destruction and disruption. Fools can't help broadcasting their folly to others.
  • Laziness, anxiety, and bad advice come in for the author's disapproval, and he or she again reiterates the point that righteousness leads to more life—there is no death in it.

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