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Proverbs Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Trapped in Your Own Feelings

  • A foolish woman tears down her own house in the end, but a wise woman builds it.
  • Fools hate God, and end up beating themselves with their own foolish words.
  • Also, out of nowhere the author mentions that you can't harvest grain without some oxen.
  • The author also reminds us that faithful witnesses tell the truth and false witnesses tell lies (like… yeah, that's kind of the definition of a "faithful witness" and a "false witness").
  • Fools can never get on the right track; they mock offerings, can't figure out where they're headed, and mislead others. The wise are the opposite.
  • In another out-of-nowhere statement, the author notes that only each individual's heart feels its own sorrow and pain: our basic emotions and experiences are private to ourselves.

Make Friends—and Money

  • More darkly, joy (often) ends up in grief, and ways that initially seem right turn out to lead to ruin.
  • Everyone, good and bad, are repaid according to their deeds.
  • The simple and foolish believe anything and fail to act with caution, and schemers and quick-tempered people end up going wrong.
  • The poor are disliked, but if you're rich it's easier to make friends (even if they're false friends).
  • You should be kind to the poor, and work instead of talking too much.
  • Telling the truth helps save lives, and the fear of God gives both confidence and life.
  • Princes and kings are nothing without the multitude of people upholding and supporting them, and righteousness benefits the whole nation.
  • Having a tranquil mind and not getting angry easily are helpful traits.
  • Also, being wise helps you get in good with the king.

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