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Proverbs Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Basking in King Love

  • By now, you should be aware of what the authors of Proverbs think about kings: they love 'em—especially, if they're, you know, good kings. This chapter begins by stating that the king's heart is like a stream that God turns where he will, to provide refreshment to whomever God wishes.
  • God judges all hearts, regardless of what people think about themselves, and he prefers righteousness even above sacrifice.
  • Again, the author goes off on his favorite subjects: don't be prideful, do be diligent and hard-working, don't be a greedy liar, the wicked will be destroyed, contentious wives are bad, don't be a scoffer, give to poor, bribes are helpful, etc., etc.
  • Proverbs attacks pleasure-seeking: being a fan of wine and oil doesn't lead to success.
  • Brains are better than brawn: one proverb states that a single wise man is able to bring down a whole stronghold.
  • The chapter ends by reminding the reader that no human wisdom or understanding can outwit God, and that, prepare as humans may for any sort of battle or undertaking, victory lies in God's hand.

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