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Proverbs Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

That Old "There's a Lion Outside" Excuse

  • Proverbs re-hashes some more choice topics: a good name is better than riches, God creates both the rich and the poor, humility is pretty great, and you should discipline your kids (by beating them).
  • The author also praises knowing when to run and hide—the clever do it, but the simple charge onwards.
  • Wrapping up this section of Proverbs, the author gets in one last shot at loose women, as well as lazy people who complain that they'll get killed by lions if they go outside. He or she also gives a shout-out to beating the folly out of your kids with the "rod of discipline," and treating the poor with kindness.

Landmark Preservation Society 

  • This new section, entitled "The Words of the Wise," begins with another traditional call to heed the author's wise words.
  • He (again, or she—for all we know) says that he (or she) has assembled thirty wise sayings for your benefit. (Gender note: though it's never totally made clear, Proverbs seems pretty male-centered in its views, like in its depiction of "loose women." After all, it doesn't really attack "loose men.")
  • The sayings begin with some practical advice, similar to what's gone before: don't befriend hotheads, don't oppress the poor, don't give pledges you can't keep or get into debt, and try to be skillful in your work so you can serve kings.
  • Additionally, it says you shouldn't remove ancient landmarks that your ancestors put in place.

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