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Proverbs Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

False Self-Esteem

  • Wicked people are actually cowards. The righteous are, conversely, quite courageous.
  • Rebellion causes a land to have many rulers—but one king can do a better job and ensure peace.
  • Justice and law are utterly at odds with the wicked, and you do battle with the wicked by following and supporting law and justice.
  • It's better to be poor and honest, than rich and corrupt.
  • Avoid the following, says Proverbs: hanging out with gluttons, charging people exorbitant interest on loans, and refusing to listen to the law.
  • It also says that the wicked will be destroyed by their wicked acts, while the innocent will be rewarded (which we're pretty sure Proverbs said about twenty times before, but whatever).
  • Smart poor people see through the false self-esteem of the wealthy, and confessing your sins to God allows you to obtain mercy.

Concerning Fear and Harrison Ford

  • It's a good idea to always have a little fear—meaning concern—but people with hard hearts who lack this kind of respectful trepidation will end up falling into calamity.
  • Wicked rulers are bad. And so are people who give assistance to murderous fugitives. (But what if they're falsely accused like Harrison Ford in The Fugitive? Proverbs leaves that one hanging.)
  • Don't be partial towards anyone in particular, because they might turn around and do something wrong for a really small reason, like getting a piece of bread.
  • Don't hurry to get rich; be a miser, flatter people, or leech off your parents.
  • Oh, and don't be greedy or trust in your own wits. But do give to the poor.

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