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Proverbs Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Learn and Adjust

  • If you fail to adjust after being rebuked, you'll end by falling into utter ruin and won't be able to repair it.
  • Old themes are repeated: wicked rulers are bad, wise children are good for their parents, visiting with prostitutes is bad, and flattering neighbors is pretty bad too.
  • Kings who exact too much from the people can ruin their countries, and fools and scoffers are still verboten.
  • If the wise try to bring fools to the court of law, it leads to endless ridicule and ranting—so avoid doing this if you can.
  • The wise know how to hold back their anger.

God Makes Jerks Too 

  • Rulers shouldn't listen to falsehoods, but should be fair to the poor.
  • The poor and their oppressors have at least one thing in common: God has made them both live.
  • If parents neglect their children and don't discipline them, they'll have grief.
  • Not only law, but prophecy also helps people behave correctly.
  • You can't discipline servants through words alone—people are too thick. Also, slaves who have been coddled won't come to a good end. (Hmm. Do these sayings seem a little dark to you?)
  • People who are hasty in speaking are worse off than fools and have less hope.
  • Trust in God rather than fearing other people—God ultimately gives justice, rather than kings.
  • The righteous and the wicked both seem like abominations in each other's eyes.

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