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Proverbs Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Put a Sticky Note… On Your Heart

  • The speaker says not to forget his or her teachings, because they'll help the reader live for a long time and prosper.
  • If you keep loyalty and faithfulness, writing them on the tablet of your heart, God and other people will favor you.
  • Again, the speaker says to fear God, and not to trust in your own insight, acknowledging his supremacy at every moment. In order to be wise, you can't be wise in your own eyes.
  • If you honor God by giving up some of your own produce, you'll end up having barns full of harvested crops and vats full of wine from your vineyards (sounds good to us).
  • Don't resist if God disciplines you, because he reproves people he loves, like a father reproving his kids.
  • Wisdom is better than gold and jewels, and more worthy of pursuit. Long life, riches, pleasantness, peace, and honor all come from wisdom. It's a tree of life that showers happiness on the people who are able to eat from it. Good times.

God's Tool Shed

  • God used wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to create the earth, the heaven, and the deeps.
  • If you keep these things (wisdom, etc.) in your sight at all times, it will enliven your soul.
  • You won't need to fear any kind of panic or sudden storms in your life—God will be your confidence, protect you.
  • You should keep giving aid to people who need it—you shouldn't withhold anything from your neighbor, saying you'll provide it later, if you already have it.
  • Also, don't plan any sort of violence against your trusting neighbor, start pointless quarrels, or envy violent people and their ways.
  • Yet again, God will curse the wicked and foolish and bless the righteous and wise. Got it?

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