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Proverbs Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

A Few Fatherly Repetitions

  • Once more, the speaker tells the listener or reader to hear his fatherly advice. He says that when he was a kid, and the adored child of his parents, his father taught him the same things.
  • Basically, his dad also said to him, "Listen to me—this is important." Once more, his father advises him to get wisdom, attain insight. Wisdom, his father says, begins by getting wisdom (well… yeah).
  • Wisdom will honor you if you prize her, placing a garland on your head.

Appetite for Destruction 

  • This advice will help extend your lifespan and allow you to avoid getting tripped up in life (says the speaker).
  • Stick to these instructions, avoid the ways of evildoers and you'll do just fine.
  • The wicked can't get to sleep unless they've done some sort of wrong during the day. Violence and wickedness are their food and drink.
  • The way of the righteous is like a dawn that just keeps getting brighter as they go along, whereas the wicked are like people continually stumbling into an even deeper darkness.
  • So, says the fatherly speaker, treasure these sayings and keep them in your heart—they'll heal you and give you more life.
  • Avoid crooked speech and crooked actions, and keep your eyes and feet set straight on a path of righteousness. Don't swerve off to the left or the right, and you'll be okay.

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