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Proverbs Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Pinky Swear You'll Stick With Wisdom

  • Again, says that author, you should take his (or her) words to heart, and keep them with you at all times, as though you tied them to your fingers or wrote them on your heart.
  • You should call wisdom and insight your sister and friend, and they'll protect you from the adulteress with her enticing words.

"Are You Trying to Seduce Me, Mrs. Robinson?"

  • The author says that he (or she) saw a young man, one of the simple youths, walking around the streets at night, heading for the house of an adulteress or loose woman.
  • Then, a woman came toward him, dressed like a crafty prostitute. She's a loud woman who won't stay at home, and now walks around trying to ambush young men at all the different corners of the street and seduce them.
  • She grabbed the young man and kissed him, and says that she finished up her sacrifices and offering vows and now has come to see this young man. She says she's prepared her couch and bed with fine linens and perfumes for their love sesh.
  • She told the young man that her husband was on a long journey and that he should come and spend the whole night making love to her.
  • She persuaded the young man successfully, and he walked away with her, like an ox headed to a slaughterhouse.
  • So, says the author, you shouldn't follow that young man's example—for adulteresses like that lady have ruined many young men. Her house leads to the underworld, Sheol, and to death.

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