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Proverbs Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Wisdom's Crib

  • Wisdom has built a house with seven pillars (says the author). She's slaughtered the animals and mixed the wine for a feast and prepared the table.
  • Wisdom calls and tells those who are simple or without sense to turn in at her house and eat from her table. They will grow into maturity and attain insight.

The Thing Gets Under Way

  • Next, the author starts to list actual proverbs and maxims in order.
  • If you correct someone who scoffs, the scoffer will scoff at you; if you try to rebuke a wicked person, you'll just end up getting hurt.
  • But a wise person responds positively to a tactful rebuke.
  • Wise and righteous people are capable of taking instruction, and it helps them grow even wiser.
  • Again, fearing God is the beginning of wisdom, and knowing God is the real definition of insight.
  • This will help extend your lifespan—wisdom helps you, scoffing just burdens you even more.
  • The "foolish woman" is a loud, ignorant lady who sits around at the door of her house or in the high places in the town. She tries to divert the simple into her house, and urges them to steal food to eat.
  • But in reality, the dead live in her house—her guests are the inhabitants of the underworld, Sheol.

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