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Proverbs Happiness

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The goal of "Wisdom and Knowledge" (our first theme) is to lead people to "Happiness" (our last theme). By knowing how to keep your desires within reasonable limits, staying focused on family life, working hard, and knowing when to quit, Proverbs says that you can actually be pretty happy. Oh, and fearing God is also an important part of its prescription.

Happiness, for Proverbs, isn't something you need to attain by big, complicated schemes. It's really a matter of common sense—it's simple, and pretty obvious. Like Linus from The Peanuts once said, "Happiness is a warm blanket." That's very much in the spirit of Proverbs.

Questions About Happiness

  1. Why does moderation lead to happiness while excess does not? Are there any cases where excess—going overboard—can be a good thing? If so, what are they?
  2. Proverbs gives people ways of attaining happiness, while warning against sorrow. But is there any foolproof method for avoiding sorrow—in Proverbs or elsewhere?
  3. Why does singing songs to a heavy heart make you even sadder, according to Proverbs? Can't music (like upbeat Bob Marley-type reggae) cheer you up?
  4. Do riches lead to happiness according to Proverbs? Conversely, can a poor person be happy?

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