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Proverbs Wisdom and Knowledge

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Wisdom and Knowledge

This is what Proverbs is all about: puttin' that "wis" with the "dom." It's all about wisdom, knowledge, and understanding—and it all begins with fearing God. Yeah—it's pretty religious, we guess.

Wisdom, in Proverbs, is mainly a way of creating needed restraints on your conduct, limiting yourself, and knowing when to act, and when not to react. Rather than making life boring and unbearable, these prudent restraints are supposed to be necessary barriers that let you meet life with zest. Wisdom helps you channel your energy into the right places and into the kind of conduct that allows you to live a fulfilling existence.

Questions About Wisdom and Knowledge

  1. What, really, is wisdom? How is it different from knowledge?
  2. Why is wisdom depicted here as being more feminine in nature?
  3. If you've read Ecclesiastes, contrast its idea of Wisdom with Proverbs'. Which one do you think is actually "wiser," or do they both complement each other?
  4. How do the small animals that nonetheless manage to thrive (from Chapter 30) exemplify wisdom? Is wisdom more useful for the small or the humble than for the great and powerful? Is it somehow connected to being in a state of smallness or even weakness? Why do you think so?

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