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Psalms Destruction

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"Everlasting ruins." "Coals of fire and sulphur." "Blood of the wicked." It's no question that Psalms is filled with destruction. And in the ancient world, this wasn't uncommon. When you bring God into the mix (he breathes fire, remember?), this elimination is violent, smoky, and irreversible. Gulp.

Questions About Destruction

  1. What is the role of reciprocity here? Is this "an eye for an eye," or something deeper?
  2. Would God approve of all the violent imagery? Does he incite it or do the Israelites project it onto them because of their human interactions?
  3. If you claim that your faith in God is the reason your city hasn't been destroyed, what does it mean when your city is destroyed? Have you done something wrong? Or do bad things happen to good people?

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