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Psalms God's Protection

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God's Protection

God as fire-breathing monster is a cool image—there's no doubt about it. But he's not always a cosmic avenger out to destroy his enemies. Sometimes he's actually kind of cuddly. Sure, this is in part due to the writer's state of mind—sometimes sad, sometime euphoric—but it also creates a much richer picture of the relationship between God and man. Should we love him or fear him? Or both?

Questions About God's Protection

  1. In this book of the Bible, is God's role in the life of the average Israelite more comforting or more frightening?
  2. Does God come off differently to his enemies than he does to his followers?
  3. How would an Israelite explain God's absence in times of trouble in Psalms? Sometimes they seek refuge in him, and sometimes he's nowhere to be found.
  4. Why does God take on the role of protector? Does he seem like he enjoys the job?

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