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Book of Revelation Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Elect Boogaloo

  • John sees the Lamb standing on Mount Zion. With him are the 144,000 Elect. They're the only ones that can learn a special song the Lamb is singing.
  • Everyone else is, apparently, a little tone deaf.
  • Then, John hears several angels. One tells them all to fear and worship God, otherwise there is going to be some serious judgment going on. Another tells them that Babylon has fallen. A third one lets everyone know that the people who worship the Beast are going to burn. Literally.

Don't Fear the Reaper… Or Maybe Do

  • Next, John sees someone who looks like the Son of Man floating down on a cloud (could it be Jesus in disguise?). He's wearing a gold crown and holding a sickle.
  • He takes the sickle and swings it to reap all the faithful people from the Earth.
  • Another angel comes down with a sickle and reaps all the not-so-faithful people (who are like ripe grapes). Then he throws them into a wine press of God's wrath. It squirts out blood all over the place. That's probably not something you'd want to bottle.

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