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Book of Revelation Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Bowls of Mass Destruction

  • A voice tells the angels to go ahead and serve up a heaping helping of that wrath on the Earth. So, the angels pour out their bowls one by one.
  • The first angel dumps out his bowl, and all the non-believers who have the mark of the Beast on them break out in painful sores. Not going to get rid of that with a cream or ointment.
  • The second angel turns the sea into blood. Gross.
  • The third angel turns the rivers into blood. Double gross. Then the angels let God know how clever he is. After all, these people loved the blood of Christians so much, so now God has given them blood to drink. Good one, Lord! Up top!
  • The fourth angel turns up the heat on the sun and burns all the people. Now might be a good time to put on that SPF 10,000.
  • The fifth angel plunges the entire city of Rome into darkness. The people there curse God, because they're still not getting the clue. Repent or there's worse to come. Seriously, guys.
  • The sixth angel dries up the Euphrates River (hey, we thought it had turned to blood).
  • The seventh angel pours his bowl out and a voice tells everyone that, "It is done." Whew. Finally.
  • But, wait. There's still lightning and thunder. Oh, and an earthquake. An earthquake that splits Rome into thirds. And destroys every nation on Earth.
  • Oh, and hailstones. Don't forget the hailstones. They're so big they end up crushing people. And yet, the people still don't get it. They just keep cursing God and going about with their non-believing ways. Sigh.

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