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Book of Revelation Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Satan's Last Stand

  • John sees that another angel has gotten hold of the Dragon and locked him in the bottomless pit. He's going to stay there for 1,000 years. After that, he'll be let out for a little while. Um, angels, are you guys sure you thought that through?
  • So then John sees thrones with people seated on them. These people get to judge. Quick, we're going to need some gavels.
  • Obviously, anyone who was killed for believing in Jesus is good to go. They will get to reign in Heaven for 1,000 years.
  • But remember, once that 1,000 years is up, the Dragon is going to be let out of the pit and gather another army to destroy Heaven.
  • But, don't worry, this war is going to end a lot like the first one—with the Dragon as the big loser. Except this time, he'll be thrown into the Lake of Fire for good. Much better plan this time.

Don't You Judge Me

  • Once this happens, everyone is going to be judged by God. Even people who have been dead for years are going to have to answer for their actions on Earth.
  • God will open up his Book and look over his records and give you either the thumbs up or the thumbs down. If God realizes you're not in his Book, it's the Lake of Fire for you, too.

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