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Book of Revelation Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Jerusalem in the Sky with Diamonds

  • After all the pesky non-believers and manifestations of extreme evil are gone, it's time to bring about a new Earth.
  • John sees it happen—a New Jerusalem comes down from Heaven to Earth. And, no surprise, it's terrifically awesome.
  • The Elect will live there with God. No one will ever mourn or die or be in pain. It will simply be God and his children living together forever and ever.
  • But people who haven't led such upstanding lives will get thrown into the Lake of Fire. Sorry, guys. But God did try to warn you in the form of rivers turning to blood and such.
  • The city of New Jerusalem itself is probably the most incredible thing John has seen so far. This place is prime real estate.
  • John sees that the whole city is made of gold and glitters with all different kinds of jewels and gemstones.
  • It has twelve gates (with the names of the tribes of Israel written on them) and twelve foundations (with the names of the apostles written on them).
  • This New Jerusalem doesn't have a temple, though, because God himself is the temple. They also don't have to worry about lamps, because the presence of God provides all the light they need. It's always sunny in New Jerusalem.
  • Crime is also non-existent, because no one ever does anything even remotely bad there. Clearly, you never have to worry about property values going down.

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