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Book of Revelation Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

A River Runs Through It

  • An angel shows John a beautiful river flowing from God's throne. It's the water of life flowing in it. On the banks of the river is the tree of life, which grows twelve kinds of fruit. Looks like another favorite number is emerging.
  • Nothing bad is ever going to happen in this new city. Everyone will just hang with God and rejoice and love each other all day. Sounds pretty good.

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

  • The angel assures John that everything he's seen and heard is true. All of this is actually going to happen. For reals.
  • He also tells John to go ahead and share all this with the world. After all, Jesus will be coming very, very soon. People need this information because they need to do the right thing.
  • God's judgment is coming. People who lead good lives will be able to live inside the walls of an awesome city made of gold. People who don't will get to take a little swim in a Lake of Fire… for all eternity.
  • John also tells us that if anyone changes what he's written down, God is going to include them in all those terrible plagues. (Oh… now he tells us.)
  • But really, Jesus is coming soon, John tells us. He ends the book with this hope and a short prayer for the faithful.
  • John of Patmos, out.

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