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Book of Revelation Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

A Message for Sardis

  • Jesus tells this church that, sure, technically they're alive, but they're starting to look a bit dead. It's time to wake up and get back on the right path. That or find a good mortician.
  • If they don't resurrect themselves, Jesus is going to come like a thief in the night. They won't know when or where. This is getting spooky.
  • Some of them are dressed in dirty clothes and some of them are wearing fresh white robes. The ones in the nice clean clothes are actually walking with Jesus. He really has an eye for fashion.
  • If they repent, though, he'll give them all clean white clothes to wear. He'll also write their names in the Book of Lifeā€”and that's a Book you want to be in.

A Message for Philadelphia

  • Jesus has given them a door that no one can shut. It's their entryway to the kingdom of God. Just make sure to sweep off the welcome mat every once in a while.
  • He knows that they don't have a lot of power where they're at, but he's glad they've stayed faithful to him.
  • People have been telling lies about the Christians in this church, but soon those same people are going to bow down at their feet. Just as soon as they get a taste of the humble pie Jesus is planning to serve up.
  • Just keep the faith, Jesus tells them. If they do, they'll all get God's name written on them. Coolest tattoo ever.

A Message for Laodicea

  • This church is kind of lukewarm.
  • If they were hot or cold at least they'd have some taste, but they're just room temperature. Jesus is getting ready to spit them out onto the floor and demand to see the chef.
  • Some of the people here are bragging about how spiritually rich they are. In reality, they're poor and blind and naked. Talk about getting it wrong.
  • They need to turn to Jesus to be truly rich.
  • He's standing at the door knocking. They just have to let him in. Maybe they can get him to tell some great "knock-knock" jokes while they're waiting.
  • If they do all this, they're going to get a place beside him on his throne. Best seat in the house.

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