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Book of Revelation Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Stairway to Heaven

  • After John tells us all this, he looks and sees a door opening up in Heaven.
  • Jesus tells him to come on in and stay awhile. He'll give John the tour.
  • Inside, John sees God on his throne. Around him is a shining rainbow. God really knows how to decorate.
  • There are also 24 other thrones with 24 elders sitting on them. They're wearing white robes and golden crowns. Their thrones have thunder and lightning coming from them. Um, awesome.
  • But, back to God's throne. The Big Guy knows how to draw attention to himself—his seat has seven flaming torches around it and in front of it is a sea of crystal.
  • Around him are a lion, an ox, a human, and an eagle. Or at least they look like those animals. They all have six wings and eyes all over their bodies, so it's kind of hard to tell.
  • These weird-looking creatures hang around God and sing his praises all day and all night. They're like God's own personal iPod.

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