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Book of Revelation Judgment

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Judge not… unless of course you're the Creator of the Universe. Then, by all means, judge away. According to Revelation, only God has the power to decide whose actions are righteous and who's are damnable. Don't worry, though. He gives everyone a fighting chance. Survive a few plagues, repent, and you might avoid an eternity in the Lake of Fire. But act now, because destruction is coming soon.

Questions About Judgment

  1. Does the idea of a judgmental God jive with the idea of a loving God? How are the two compatible and incompatible? 
  2. Why does only God have the right to judge? How about Jesus? And why aren't the angels able to get in on any of this action?
  3. Why do the non-believers refuse to repent, even after seeing God's awesome destructive power? What does that say about the nature of evil? Does God think it's better to be feared than loved?
  4. Imagine you're God—how would you punish evildoers? Bonus points for striking fear into the hearts of your creation.

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