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1-2 Thessalonians 1 Thessalonians: Chapter 3

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1 Thessalonians: Chapter 3

Paul Missed You Soooo Much!

  • When Paul couldn't stand being away from his beloved Thessalonians any more, he sent his friend (and fellow Christian) Timothy to check up on them. Good news—Timothy reports back that all is well.
  • Well, not totally. See, Christians are being persecuted just a little bit. Paul hopes that this isn't gonna shake the Thessalonians' faith in Jesus. They've gotta be rock solid in the face of opposition.
  • But like Timothy said, everything is going pretty good. The Thessalonians apparently just accept that the whole being Christian thing is gonna come with a side of persecution pie. That's way less delicious than it sounds, BTW.
  • Paul has also heard that the Thessalonians are anxious to welcome him back. That's kept him going through the tough times he's been facing in his travels. You know, getting throw into jail, beaten, and nearly stoned to death. All in a day's work for Paul.
  • But all in all, Paul is super thankful for the Thessalonians and he can't wait to see them again. When he comes, he'll have a couple more pointers to give them, but no biggie, right?
  • Paul prays that God will bring him to Thessalonica soon and that he'll build up the love the Thessalonians have for each other and every one in the world. (Wait, everyone? Even those persecutors? Yup. Paul's über inclusive.)
  • He also hopes that they'll keep their records spotless so that they can be ready for the day that Jesus returns and starts kicking butt and taking names.

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