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Albert Einstein Family

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Father: Hermann Einstein, 1847-1902, German-Jewish featherbed salesman, two children
Mother: Pauline Koch, 1858-1920
Sister: Maja Einstein, 1881-1951, PhD in literature and Romance languages

First Wife: Mileva Maric, 1875-1948 (married 1903, divorced 1919), Serbian Christian, physicist, three children
Daughter: Lieserl Maric, 1902-?, put up for adoption as infant, fate unknown
Son: Hans Albert Einstein, 1914-1973, professor of hydraulic engineering, three children
Son: Eduard Einstein, 1910-1965, institutionalized for schizophrenia, no children

Second Wife: Elsa Einstein-Löwenthal, 1876-1936 (married 1919), Albert's first cousin, two children by first husband Max Löwenthal
Stepdaughter: Ilse Löwenthal, 1897-1934, child of Elsa's first husband Max Löwenthal
Stepdaughter: Margot Löwenthal, 1899-1986, child of Elsa's first husband Max Löwenthal

Grandson (son of Hans Albert): Bernhard Caesar Einstein, 1930-, physicist, five children
Grandson (son of Hans Albert): Klaus Einstein, 1932-1938, died of diphtheria as child
Granddaughter (adopted daughter of Hans Albert): Evelyn Einstein, 1941-, adopted by Hans Albert in 1942

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