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Arthur Miller Success and Scandal

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Success and Scandal

In 1947, Miller's luck started to turn. His play All My Sons premiered on Broadway and was well received by critics and audiences alike. Based on a true story from World War II, the play dealt with a corrupt man who sold faulty parts to the U.S. military, leading to the deaths of American servicemen. 

Almost overnight, Miller's life changed. "With the production of 'All My Sons,' at the Coronet last evening, the theatre has acquired a genuine new talent,"blank">The Crucible in Brussels, citing a law that denied passports to suspected Communist sympathizers.

Wow. That's just like what happened in Salem... 

...except instead of "denying passports," it was "hanging and stoning and drowning innocent people." 

You know what they say: potato, more terrifying, murder-filled potahto. 

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